Bermuda -- June 14, 2008 -- Infinite Holdings Group, Inc. announced this week that it has entered into a Letter of Intent with Pioneer Petroleum to acquire an initial license to distribute biofuels throughout the Caribbean. The Pioneer license is based in the Turks and Caicos Islands which Infinite envisions to become the beta testing market for its initial distribution efforts. The agreement is subject to a period of due diligence by both parties and any eventual acquisition will be subject to a definitive agreement and board approval.

"We are of the opinion that the price of fuel will continue to rise and this initiative seeks to provide a cost effective alternative for the energy needs for the Caribbean consumer, we are also cognizant of the beneficial factors of biofuels such as biodiesel in
relation to the environment.", stated Mr. Ashley Redmond, CEO of Infinite Holdings Group, Inc.

Infinite Holdings also announced that in its efforts with respect to the Habiquad system, it is currently seeking government planning approvals in order to then begin a comprehensive marketing and distribution strategy.

About Infinite Holdings Group, Inc.

Infinite Holdings Group Inc. is a diversified holding company with a focus on Caribbean Basin growth opportunities particularly those which involve Caricom member and associate member nations. The Caricom Single Market and Economy is intended to benefit the Caribbean Region by providing stimulating growth opportunities in an effort to enhance economic development and to attract foreign investment. Infinite Holdings is also continuing in its efforts with respect to mineral exploration concurrent with other projects in the Caribbean.