Aruba, August 12, 2006....Minister Edison Briesen (MEP) of Tourism and Transport has signed a memorandum of understanding with the aviation authorities of Brazil.  With this, the new aviation treaty with Brazil has become a fact.

The old treaty is of 1988 and for years there have been initiatives for a new agreement.  Briesen is very satisfied with the open and enthusiastic way in which the Brazilians have worked on the new agreement.  “I must say that the Brazilian companies have always shown interest for the possibilities that Aruba has to offer as hub between Brazil and other destinations.”

The new agreement differs from the old one on a few points; like airline companies can now fly to unlimited destinations.  In the old agreement, only a certain company would get a permit to certain destinations.  Since the new agreement does not name names, it applies to all the airline companies of a country.  There are also no limitations on the number of passengers in the new agreement.  Also the number of weekly flights allowed is increased from 2 to 7. 

The airline companies that receive a permit from the government to fly to Brazil will get the opportunity to put some representation on the airports to where they fly.

Their passengers will of course have to go through security checks, but the parties will try to limit that to a minimum.  They also agreed that the countries will try to exempt the fuel, material, and parts for the used airplanes, from taxation.