Kingstown, St, Vincent -- March 10, 2007 --; by Dayle Da Silva

Head of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Acting Superintendent Eckron Lockhart has once again reassured members of the general public that crime in St. Vincent and the Grenadines continues to decrease.

“Time and time again, we have been hearing distorted comments and figures,” Lockhart said. According to the CID’s top cop, figures over the last 10 years clearly indicate a decrease in criminal activity.

Figures coming out of the Criminal
Records Office (CRO), the sole agents for compiling crime statistics in the country, show that crime peaked in 1997 with 10,228 crimes being committed. The following year, the number stood at 9,678.

There was an increase in 2001. However, the statistics reveal a steady decline since then. Last year, the figures stood at 7,096. “The figures speak for themselves, that crime has been decreasing,” Lockhart explained. He urged the public to “accept” the figures as they were.  The issue of crime will always be there, he said. 

Recognizing that crime prevention involves everyone, Lockhart advised, “What is needed is for everyone to get together; the government, Police and civil society must get together to bring policies and strategies to rid us of crime and violence.”